LazyWinAdmin is a PowerShell Script that generates a GUI/WinForms loaded with tons of functions.
I'm a SysAdmin and I created this utility to help me with my day to day tasks.

The Form was created using Sapien Powershell Studio 2012.

Download and unblock the file (Right-click, select Properties and click on Unblock). Unzip the files and right-click the LazyWinAdmin.ps1 script and select 'Run with PowerShell'

Main Features
  • Connectivity and information check (Test-Connection, Test-Path, RDP, PowerShell Remoting, Os Version and Uptime)
  • Launch tools against a remote machine (Shutdown/Restart, GPupdate, Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop Connection,...)
  • Query processes, services, shares, disks,...
  • PowerShell v2 at least
  • Permissions on the target machine
  • External Tools (Optional)
The following tools are not included in the zip file

AdExplorer -
PSExec -
PAExec -
WMIExplorer.ps1 -
SYDI-Server.vbs -

Download from TECHNET



  1. good Night

    - Congratulation by the tool, simply and objectively, I have only one problem.
      All workstations that access appear "psremoting: closed" in STATUS. what is problem?

    Note: already tried using the enable psremoting unsuccessfully!!

    Any help?

    1. Hi Kembolle,

      You are right, not really an issue with LazyWinAdmin, if the PSRemoting say it is "closed", this means WINRM is not opened and have to run "Enable-PSRemoting -Force" on the remote machine.

      Enabling PSRemoting via GPO

      Enabling PSremoting Remotely

      Hope this help.

    2. Any chance this will be integrated? The Enabling PSRemoting Remotely script that is.

    3. It is already on my list ;-) for the next version

  2. WoW... Really a wonderful script and Yes a True Lazy Admin :P like me

  3. Hello Francois,
    This is awesome! Can you specify alternate credentials for standalone servers or for different domains, but run this from your laptop? I want to specify credentials for the remote machines.

    1. Thanks for your comment !

      Unfortunately you can't, but It's on my list for the next version

  4. Hello Francois,
    I have modified your LWA to fit my needs in my organization. I changed some layout things and added some stuff and took some stuff out. Is this a problem for you? I am interesting in adding a powershell tab. For real, I am running out of stuff to add to this beast. Thanks for releasing the code and doing all the heavy lifting.

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for your comment!
      No problem at all for the modification!
      If you have ideas to improve the tool let me know. The new version is in progress...


  5. Francois,
    Great tool. I was in the process of creating a similar tool when I came across yours. Your tool as almost everything I was looking for. The only missing component is functionality to check the SCCM client. e.g, check for assigned packages, if they are compliant, and any missing correspoding updates. Checking for stuck jobs, clearing them, and kicking off the inventories is also very helpful.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Bruce.
      I will add your requested feature in the next version.


  6. This is really nice. I wanted to add some Office 365 items, as well as some on boarding and off boarding tasks to it that my organization does on a daily basis. We just got our hands on Sapien Powershell Studio. Is there a way to import your .ps1 into Sapien so we can edit the gui to add on a few items?

    1. Thank you for your comment, you can not edit the form using the ps1 (unless you activate the automatic restore in powershell studio).
      You would need the PFF file to edit the form, which i did not release.

      You can send me your feature request and will do my best to add them to the next release

      Thank you

      email me: [email protected]

  7. Hey Francois-Xavier Cat! I have only just discovered powershell and am relatively new to scripting in general, but I really enjoy your site and this tool specifically; it is just great!!! That being said, I am having some issues with getting everything to work.

    When launching, I'm getting...
    - External Tools Check - PsExec.exe not found - Button Disabled
    - External Script Check - Sydi-Server.vbs not found - Button Disabled

    I look in the "tools" folder inside the "LazyWinAmin-v0.4" folder and there is PsExec.exe right where I put it.
    I look in the "scripts" folder and there is Sydi-Server.vbs right where I put it.

    I'm guessing that I'm not doing something right, but I have no idea what that might be.
    Help, please.


    1. Thanks Daniel for your comment!

      Make sure the files are Unlocked and that you run powershell as an Administrator.
      Also make sure you run psexex at least one, it might ask to accepte "Term of usage"

      Hope this resolve the issue.


    2. got the same issue all the files are in the correct location. and I have tried running some files at least once - any ideas? out put below - Thanks

      [20150326-07:50:27] - Welcome on LazyWinAdmin - Visit my Blog:
      [20150326-07:50:27] - No Computers List found at the following location: computers.txt
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - PsExec.exe not found - Button Disabled
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - PsExec.exe not found - Button Disabled
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - ADExplorer.exe not found - Button Disabled
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - MSRA.exe found
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - Telnet.exe found
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - Systeminfo.exe found
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - msinfo32.exe found
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Tools check - Driverquery.exe found
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Script check - WMIExplorer.ps1 not found - Button Disabled
      [20150326-07:50:27] - External Script check - Sydi-Server.vbs not found - Button Disabled

    3. Hi Francois

      May of answered / my own question.
      It appears that is works and finds the files if you right click the LazyWinAdmin-v0.4.ps1 and select Run with powershell, but does not work if you load it in the ISE

  8. Francois,
    How did you export the lazyadmin project from Powershell Studio 2012 into just one .ps1 file? Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      I don't remember in version 2012, but you have a button in the ribbon to export to PS1.
      Note: Your Powershell Studio 2012 need to be licensed to unlock all the features

      Hope this help

  9. Francois,

    Love this tool, I have been working on a tool for user accounts, I'd like to add this to your tool and customize it a little bit. Would you be willing to share your project file?



    1. Thanks Justin and thanks again for your interest
      But unfortunately I don't plan to share the project file.

      Sorry about that.

      Let me know if you have question(s)

  10. great job on the script.
    would like to see a tab with options for scheduled tasks as well
    I found the script below to be helpful with that

  11. Un version prévu avec Powershell V4 avec Module ...
    Superbe outil..

  12. Is it possible to add additional tools into the External Tools tab. I often would like to know the accounts currently logged on and can do that with this command

    WMIC /Node:remotecomputer ComputerSystem Get UserName

    Would be nice to have it in the wonderful tool though

    1. Hey Stephen,
      Thanks for your message, Would Qwinsta do this job ? it is in the External Tool tab.
      Not sure this does the same job tho.. can't test right now.

    2. Francois,

      I never understood what the Qwinsta did sorry. I have tried it though on a couple of machines and I get

      Error 5 getting sessionnames. Error [5]:Access is denied

      i am able to run most of the other tools without a problem so I know I have the access to the machine ok.

    3. No pb, I should work on making those kind of things more clear and ... what the tools are doing, you can't know if you never used those tools :-)

      Never got this error before... but from a quick google search, it seems this can be fixed by changing a reg key

      Hope this fix your issue.

  13. Would it be possible to add a remote option for MS Config Manager Remote Control?

    1. Hey, thanks for the feature request.
      How would your detect if this tool is installed ?

      Is it an installer or portable app ?

  14. I downloaded the LazyWinAdmin but when I open with PowerShell studio 2016 not able to view the form (GUI) what mistake I am doing?

    1. The files that allow you to edit the GUI in PowerShell Studio are not available for download.

  15. Hi,
    Is it possible to add uninstiall and install software option in this tool?

    1. It is possible :-)
      Just not implemented. You are welcome to request feature or contribute here: