Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2015

I just came back yesterday from the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2015 who took place in the beautiful city of Seattle from the 2nd to 5th of November 2015. This was the second time that I attend this event which was really well organized. I really had a blast meeting with all the MVP and Microsoft teams.

What is the MVP Global Summit ?

The annual MVP Global Summit is one of the best weeks of the year; there is no other technical event like it. Experts in every Microsoft category converge for training, talks, and events. It provides Microsoft with needed product feedback and helps set the mood for the next release of products.


Here are some picture of the event and the people I got a chance to hang out with.

With +Carlo Sysadm and +Fabien Dibot
Epic Figurines of HALO game at the Microsoft Store

Hyatt Bellevue Hotel lobby where evening events were organised

PowerScripting podcast with +Hal Rottenberg +Tobias Weltner +Jeffrey Snover +Adam Driscoll and +Jonathan Walz 

With +Carlo Sysadm and +Stephen Owen 

+Fabien Dibot +Carlo Sysadm +Jeffrey Snover and Myself

+Fabien Dibot +Carlo Sysadm +Jeffrey Snover and Myself

Canadians MVP picture :-) With our two MVP leads Simran Chaudhry and Johandrina Vargas

Simran Chaudhry

Myself, +Lee Holmes +Aleksandar Nikolic and +Carlo Sysadm 

+Carlo Sysadm +stephane van gulick Myself and +Fabien Dibot 

Myself +Carlo Sysadm +Fabien Dibot and +stephane van gulick 

Our badges! So happy to finally meeting you guys
+Fabien Dibot +Carlo Sysadm +stephane van gulick 

Containers chat hehe :-) with +Carlo Sysadm and +Fabien Dibot 

+Claus Thude Nielsen +Fabien Dibot +Milton Goh +Matt Hitchcock +Carlo Sysadm and +Stephen Owen 

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