Windows 10 ADK - Issues while uninstalling Windows 8.1 ADK and installing Windows 10 ADK

Installing Windows 10 Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) on SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 was a bit tricky. To "upgrade" the Windows ADK from 8.1 to 10, Microsoft recommend to remove Windows 8.1 ADK prior to the installation of Windows 10 ADK. We had some issue uninstalling Windows 8.1 ADK and installing the Windows 10 ADK

Uninstalling the Windows 8.1


Uninstall did not complete successfully.
An error occured while uninstalling "Deployment Tools."

Could not acquire privileges; GLE=0x514
Returning Status 0x514

You can also look at the ADK install/uninstall logs here: C:\Users\<Account>\AppData\Local\Temp\adk

We found different solutions online such as:

  • Unjoin, install ADK and Rejoin the computer to the domain
  • Run the installer as a Local Administrator or domain admin
Unjoining the machine was out of questions and the second solution did not work (Same error message).

I also tried to
  • Remove one component at the time but always got stuck on the "Deployment Tools" component.
  • Repair W8.1 ADK and try again
Same result...


Finally I found a way by running the installer with the Local System Account. The name of this account is NT AUTHORITY\System. It is a powerful account that has unrestricted access to all local system resources.

Using PsExec.exe run the following command:

psexec.exe /sid powershell.exe

This will launch a new PowerShell window and you can verify the current user by using WhoAmI tool.

Finally I run the command adksetup.exe /uninstall and everything uninstall properly. In my example I renamed the adksetup.exe file to adksetup_8.1update.exe

Installing Windows 10 ADK


Unfortunatley I had the same issue when running the Windows 10 ADK Installer.

Install did not complete successfully
An error occurred while installing "Deployment Tools".

Error seen in the setup log file

Error seen in the log file

Same solution as above by using Psexec and by running adksetup.exe

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