PowerShell/Active Directory - Retrieve Groups managed by a User

I recently had an interesting request at work:
Finding a way to list all the groups a specific user was managing.

If you look into the properties of an Active Directory group object, you will find under the tab "ManagedBy" the name of a user or group who is managing the group and possibly its members if the "Manager can update membership list" is checked.

Group object properties / Managed By tab

This is nice for one group.... what if the user manage tons of them ?


PSBlogWeek on Advanced Functions - Free eBook available

Last week I participated to the PowerShell Blog Week with a couple of community well-known Bloggers/Enthusiasts/MVP. The topic of the week was Advanced Functions.

It seems a lot of people enjoyed the event and I hope a great amount learned something from it.

I'm happy to announced that all the articles have been combined into a free ebook (Thanks to Jeffery Hicks) available in different format.

PowerShell Blog Week - Advanced Functions
By Adam Bertram, Boe Prox, Francois-Xavier Cat, Jeffery Hicks, June Blender, Mike F. Robbins.


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