PowerShell Studio 2014/2015 - Editor Preset : Dark theme

Today a quick post to share one of the editor preset I created for Sapien PowerShell Studio.

Because I prefer to work with a dark theme, when installing PowerShell Studio, one of the first thing I do is to set my layout to Editor Only and put a Dark theme like the "Visual Studio 2013 Dark".

On the editor side, the tool come with a couple of preset but none of them are dark/black.
So I created my own...

Update: Adding details on how to change the PowerShell Studio theme and link to Anonymous Pro font

Download from GitHub

PowerShell Studio Theme

PowerShell Studio comes with a set of themes, in my case I select the Visual Studio 2013 Dark

PowerShell Studio Editor theme

You can create your own going into FILE/OPTIONS/EDITOR

Changing color of your preset

Once your preset is saved, you'll be able to switch quickly between editor themes

Where are the presets stored ?

By default, you'll find the preset in the following location

PowerShell Studio 2014
C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\SAPIEN\PowerShell Studio 2014\Editor Presets

PowerShell Studio 2015
C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\SAPIEN\PowerShell Studio 2015\Editor Presets

Other Fonts

If you are interested, there are some really nice font out-there that are nice to use for scripting:

Anonymous Pro

Source Code Pro

Those can also be integrated on your blog using Google Fonts Api, but it will probably make your blog/website a bit slower for the users.


Download my preset from my Github

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me an email at [email protected] I invite you to follow me on Twitter @lazywinadm / Google+ / LinkedIn. You can also follow the LazyWinAdmin Blog on Facebook Page and Google+ Page.


  1. Thanks Stephane! I really appreciate your comment. We are we do and I think it is important to take a look back, learn from what we achieved, for both successes and failures.

  2. Hello, I am trying to do this, but I need the samaccountname of the user in 1 column and the samaccountname of the manager in the 2nd column, that is all I need. Can you help me? I need this for all ad users that have an email account

  3. Hey Kyran, Here is an alternative version:


    Run it using the following command:

    Get-ADdirectReports | Where-Object {$_.mail -ne $null} | Select SamAccountName, Manager

  4. IF you're not sure who a persons MGR is supposed to be. Is there a way to Filter Get-ADUser..? Similar to this -- Get-ADUser -Filter 'directReports -match "CN=tbolton"' -Properties * | FL ..?

  5. Reason I'm asking is NO the Manager field & the EmployeeID is not populated for 90% of the users. I can see DirectReports of the known Manager, but in some cases that info is incorrect and I cannot tell who the persons assigned MGR is...