PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe (English)

French version

The European PowerShell Summit, organised by PowerShell.org guys, will be in Amsterdam from the September 29th to the October 1st 2014 at the Park Hotel. Details at http://powershell.org/wp/community-events/summit/

The Summit will feature 3 days of PowerShell sessions from PowerShell team members, PowerShell MVPs and other PowerShell experts. It’s the in-person gathering place for PowerShell enthusiasts and PowerShell users. It’s a place to make new connections, learn new techniques, and offer something to your peers and colleagues.  If you can't get your PowerShell questions answered at the PowerShell Summit you'll never get an answer.

The Summit agenda is available to view at: http://eventmgr.azurewebsites.net/event/agenda/PSEU14

Registration is now open via http://eventmgr.azurewebsites.net/event/home/PSEU14

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  1. Y'a des petites fautes d'orthographe, on sent que tu pratiques plus trop le français FX ;)

  2. Lol... tres probable :-)
    Je parle anglais toute la journee et ma copine est americaine... ca aide pas trop ;-)

  3. J'ai un peu le même problème avec mon anglais ^^