PowerShell/SCSM - Retrieving Active Directory Object Classes

Following my previous post, today I continue my SCSM journey. I had to create a new automation workflow using SCSM and SCORCH to give the ability to a portal user to add an Active Directory Account to one or more group(s).

Once you get the input of the user, the selected user account and groups impacted by the request are added to the Service Request Related Item, in the Configuration Item field.

Finding this information with PowerShell was not easy. Also Users and Groups are tagged as "User Class" and we want to avoid querying the Active Directory to verify is a user is really a user and a group... really a group object.


PowerShell/SCSM - My first steps

I recently started to work with System Center Service Manager 2012 R2 (also known as SCSM) which provides provides an integrated platform for automating and adapting an organization's IT service management best practices, such as those found in Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It provides built-in processes for incident and problem resolution, change control, and asset lifecycle management.


PowerShell - Parse this: NetStat.exe

In the last couple of months I had to parse different types of output using PowerShell and I thought it would be a cool idea to explain how this can be done. Command line tool: Netstat.exe

This small tool allows you to display active TCP connections, ports on which the computer is listening, Ethernet statistics, the IP routing table, IPv4 and IPv6 statistics.

In this example I will use the parameter '-n' which displays active TCP connections (without name resolution).


PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe (English)

French version

The European PowerShell Summit, organised by PowerShell.org guys, will be in Amsterdam from the September 29th to the October 1st 2014 at the Park Hotel. Details at http://powershell.org/wp/community-events/summit/

The Summit will feature 3 days of PowerShell sessions from PowerShell team members, PowerShell MVPs and other PowerShell experts. It’s the in-person gathering place for PowerShell enthusiasts and PowerShell users. It’s a place to make new connections, learn new techniques, and offer something to your peers and colleagues.  If you can't get your PowerShell questions answered at the PowerShell Summit you'll never get an answer.

PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe (Français/French)

English version.

La conférence PowerShell Summit Europe organisera sa première édition du 29 septembre au 1er octobre 2014.
Trois jours de sessions PowerShell par les membres de l'équipe PowerShell, MVPs et d'autres experts PowerShell.

C'est le lieu de rassemblement pour des tous enthousiastes et utilisateurs PowerShell ; l'endroit pour faire de nouvelles connexions, apprendre de nouvelles techniques et offrir quelque chose à vos pairs et collègues.

Pour avoir participé aux deux premières Éditions Nord Amérique en avril 2013 et avril 2014 à Seattle, si vous voulez développer vos connaissances et découvrir comment d'autres professionnel TI utilisent PowerShell dans leur environement... c'est la conférence de prédilection auxquel vous devez assister!!!!