PowerShell Summit North America 2013

In April 2013 I was one of the lucky attendees at the first PowerShell Summit in North America. The event was organized by the PowerShell.org team and was held in Redmond, WA between the 22nd and 25th of April 2013.

I thought sharing some details and pictures would be nice :-)

Note: Just realized that this blog post stayed in my draft since last year ! Sorry for the late post ;-)

Seattle, WA

Seattle, Redmond and PowerShell people

It was my first time on the west coast. From what I heard, Seattle looked like a nice city so I decided to arrive a few days before the summit on Saturday, April 20th to be able to visit a bit.

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Public Market

After visiting a couple of attractions, I took a break at the Public Market to eat a crepe... I was tweeting about my tourists adventures when I got a great surprise...

Soon enough I was joined by Teresa Wilson and Jeff Wouters! Really super nice people !!! They quickly offered to give me a ride from my hotel downtown to Redmond where PowerShell.org organized a "Get-Together" for the PowerShell attendees. But before going there we had to stop to pick up someone else... Ed Wilson! Yes! I got the chance to meet the Scripting Guy too !

With Teresa Wilson and Jeff Wouters, on our way to Redmond

I'm sure I put them on a pedestal, so it was weird to actually meet the people I followed for so long online in real life... and this was just the beginning of it...

When we got to the "Get-Together" evening event, I got to meet some of the PowerShell Gods : Jeffrey Snover, Don Jones, Jeff Hicks, just to name a few...

"Get-Together" on Sunday evening

Jeffrey Snover, Teresa Wilson and Jeff Wouters

Don Jones, Mike F Robbins
Jeff Hicks, Alan Renouf, Jeffrey Snover, Jason Helmick, Richard Siddaway,...

PowerShell Summit 2013

PowerShell Summit 2013 NA was organized in the
Microsoft Building 40 & 41

Ed Wilson on "Write Modules, Not Scripts"

Richard Siddaway on "CIM Session"

Don Jones

Alan Renouf on "Practical PowerShell - Integration from Bare Metal to the Cloud"

Aaron Nelson, James Brundage and ...?

Don Jones

Aleksandar Nikolić, Don Jones

PowerShell Team on "WinRm Drill-Down"

David Corrales on "SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2012"

Jason Helmick and Jeffrey Snover

Don Jones

Ed Wilson on "What I Learned Judging 5000 scripts"

Jeffery Hicks on "How Secure Can You Be ?"

PowerShell Attendees
Microsoft Store

Jason Shirk on "Faster PowerShell"

Jason Shirk on "Faster PowerShell"

Kenneth Hansen and Hemant Mahawar (both from the PowerShell Team) on
"Automating for Dev-Ops: How to Separate Environmental and Structural Configuration (intent) from Idempotent Execution (Make it so)"

Some PowerShell Workflow with the PowerShell Team

Microsoft Campus

Microsoft Campus

Geek X-ing

Running Track (I had to do a couple of trainings during my stay -
Redmond offers some nice runner tracks to follow)

Redmond Runner tracks: 3 miles (4.82 KM) and 5 miles (8 KM)

Redmond Runner Tracks - Fitness Map
Really nice and easy to follow

My Redmond hotel "Extended Stay America" - cheap, convenient and close to the summit 


To summarize, the organizers of this event (the PowerShell.org Team) did an awesome job!!!! Everything was timed well, Great Speakers, Great Sessions, Great food, Great Location (4 min walk from my hotel !!) and even Great Weather!! ;-)

I got to meet a lot of great people (PowerShell Teams, MVPs, IT Pro, ...).
I left with a huge amount of information and I feel it really gave a boost to my PowerShell knowledge!

Total Costs

The event was happening in Redmond, close to Seattle... personally I live in Montreal, QC, Canada that's on the other side of the continent, almost 5000 km away (~3100 miles)!
  • Conference PowerShell Summit 2013: 500$USD
  • Montreal to Seattle round trip Airplane Tickets: 600$USD
  • Hotel (99$/night), 3 nights With taxes: 350$USD
Excluding the food, transportation, attractions and small expenses... the total was approx 1450$ USD which is pretty cheap for a conference.
    I initially purchased everything by myself, but lucky for me, my company Domtar paid for all of my fees :-) !!!

    Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me an email at [email protected] I invite you to follow me on Twitter @lazywinadm / Google+ / LinkedIn. You can also follow the LazyWinAdmin Blog on Facebook Page and Google+ Page.


    1. Haha, a "few" pictures you said ? ;) Thanks for the post ! I have actually never been able to put faces on some of the names from my books. No, I could ! :D

    2. Thanks Stephane, It was a lot of fun! Looking forward for the 2014 edition :-)