Top Five 2013 LazyWinAdmin Blog Posts

The year 2013 has been a pretty good year for the LazyWinAdmin blog.
Thank you guys for following my blog and participating to the comments discussions. Thanks also for those who give me advices, critics and ideas to improve my scripts, I think It helps everyone (and myself) to improve our knowledge everyday, Really appreciated :-)

I get more and more page views, comments,... every month  :-) and I thought It would be nice to give a small Top Five 2013 of the LazyWinAdmin blog posts.

Top Five 2013 Blog posts:

WS2012 Storage - NFS Server - Configure NFS for VMware vSphere 5.1 Home Lab
This article focus on how to configure NFS on Windows Server 2012 with PowerShell for a VMware vSphere 5.1 host.

PowerShell Studio 2012 - WinForms - Creating a basic GUI (Video) 
This is a quick tutorial (with a video) on how to create a really basic Winform/Graphical User Interface (GUI) using SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2012.

PowerShell - Monitor and Report Active Directory Group Membership Change
This is probably one of my most popular script. This PowerShell script let you monitor membership of one or multiple groups. You can specify the names of the group(s) directly, from a file or from an OU path.

PowerShell - Get a SubString out of a String using RegEx 
In 2013 I started playing a bit more with Regex, this post talked about getting text from a string. I'll post more about this subject soon.

PowerShell 4.0 is now available
The team of Jeffery Snover, the PowerShell Team,  realeased a new version of this awesome tool ! more cmdlets!! more fun!!

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