[UPDATE] PowerShell - Monitor and Report Active Directory Group Membership Change

UPDATE: The most recent update is available on Github

I found some time to update the script "Monitor Active Directory Membership changes". This is the version 1.6.

To summarize, this script allow you to monitor Active Directory groups membership changes. The script will send your a report via email only when a change occur. I explained in details in my last post how the script work.

So what are the main changes in this version ?

  • SearchRoot you can now specify the Organization Unit path(s) where all your groups are located, the script will take care of the rest and watch them all. You also have the option to filter using the parameters SearchScope, GroupType, GroupScope.
  • File you can now specify one or multiple files where the list of groups is saved. Distinguished Names, SID, GUID, GroupName, Domain\GroupName are accepted.

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Thank you: I want to thank those who sent me suggestions via email or posts comments, I'm very happy to see that this script is helping a lot of my fellow sysadmins.


PowerShell - Add AD Site Subnet

Last month I posted a script that report the Missing Subnets from the Active Directory. The script goes on each Domain Controllers and get the last x entries from the NETLOGON.log file.
Once this report is generated, you might want to check with your Telecom guy/team to get the correct network mask, correct site of each entries and fix this situation.

Reminder: Subnet objects (class subnet) define network subnets in Active Directory. A network subnet is a segment of a TCP/IP network to which a set of logical IP addresses is assigned. Subnets group computers in a way that identifies their physical proximity on the network. Subnet objects in Active Directory are used to map computers to sites.

Today I will show how to add those missing subnets in your Active Directory using PowerShell on Windows Server 2012 and Previous versions via ADSI.