The PowerShell Certification

Update 2013/07/07: It seems that the Certification is now ONLY available after doing the in-person class offered by Concentrated Technology :-(

Don Jones just announced the creation of the PowerShell "Certification"!!

This is available for anybody who want to test their PowerShell scripting knowledge. The PowerShell "certification" is under the VERIFIED EFFECTIVE™ brand.

The certification name: Windows PowerShell 3.0 Toolmaking

More information:

To pass the certification you will need to pay the Examination cost (150$) and complete/return the Program License Agreement file. Once those steps complete you will then receive your scenario.


Winter Scripting Games 2013 - Practice Event 2

Just a quick post on the script I submit for the second practice event of the Winter Scripting Games 2013 (last week).

Practice Event 2 - Covering Your Assets
Your organization is preparing to renew maintenance contracts on all of your server computers. You need to provide management with a report that details each inventory information for each server. Most of the servers do not have Windows PowerShell installed. None of the servers a separated from your client computer by a firewall. Computer names may be specified by a variety of means; your function must accept any collection of strings as computer names.

Minimum Requirements 
Optional Criteria 
  • Display optional verbose output showing the computer name being contacted
  • Prompt for computer names if none are specified when the function is run
  • Accept computer names as strings from the pipeline
Desired Output 
  • ComputerName Model Manufacturer LogicalProcs PhysicalRAM BIOSSerial

My Script

# NAME  : Get-ComputerInventory
# AUTHOR: Francois-Xavier Cat
# EMAIL : [email protected]
# DATE  : 2013/02/10 

Function Get-ComputerInventory {
        The Get-ComputerInventory function gets information about a local or 
        Remote machine(s) specified by the parameter ComputerName.


Winter Scripting Games 2013 - Practice Event 1

The Winter Scripting Games 2013 started last week with the first practice event.

Unfortunately for me, I was not able to post my script on time. The first Practice event was due on the Tuesday, 5th of February... 11:59 PM GMT! I assume I had until midnight my time..... (My timezone is East GMT-5) 

If you want to join the Winter Scripting Games, check the following TheScriptingGames website for more information and the The Competitor Guide.

Summary: Practice Event 1 - Sizing up the Disks
You have been asked to create a Windows PowerShell advanced function named Get-DiskSizeInfo. It must accept one or more computer names, and use WMI or CIM to query each computer. For each computer, it must display the percentage of free space, drive letter, total size in gigabytes, and free space in gigabytes. If a specified computer cannot be contacted, the function must log the computer name to C:\Errors.txt and display no error message.
Minimum Requirements 
Optional Criteria
  • Display optional verbose output showing the computer name being contacted

My Script

Function Get-DiskSizeInfo {
        Check the Disk(s) Size and remaining freespace.

        .PARAMETER ComputerName
        Specify the computername(s)