LazyWinAdmin v0.4 - Sneak Peek

Sneak peek : LazyWinAdmin v0.4

LazyWinAdmin is a PowerShell Script
This script generate a GUI/WinForm that was created using Sapien Powershell Studio.

I've been working in LWA for a while now.
This project of mine is mostly to help myself in my day to day Windows System Administrator tasks.

The goal of this tool is to centralize a lot of commands I use everyday inside a GUI and waist less time doing some tasks...
It also taking advantage of a couple of other tools Built-in in Windows: Computer Manager, Services.msc,...
And some non-built-in: Psexec, ADExplorer, SYDI-Server.vbs etc...

"General" tab contain my Top Used tools.

The "Check" button allow you to check the following connectivity item:
Ping (test-connection), Permission (test-path \\Computer\c$), RDP (Test of the port 3389), PsRemoting (PowerShell Remoting Enabled), OS (WMI), Uptime (WMI)

Autocomplete of the ComputerName. 
The script run a Get-Content on a Computers.txt when the form is loading.


  1. Any chance you are going to upload it to codeplex or github? I've always enjoyed the tool.

  2. Thanks Jason,

    The script will be available on Codeplex and Technet, PS1 and EXE.