Video: Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Events

Video: Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Events:
See @rsiddaway / Richard Siddaway (PowerShell MVP and the founder of UK PowerShell usergroup) giving a great overview of PowerShell eventing in this recording from last year’s PowerShell Deep Dive.
Windows is an event driven system. PowerShell is the automation engine for the Microsoft platform. Version 2.0 introduced the ability to work with system events. Many system events do not require action on our part. There are some events that we really need to be aware of and act upon. Gaining access to these events has not been an easy task for the administrator — up until now. 

PowerShell can work with events generated by: 



• The PowerShell engine 

Between them they give a handle into the inner workings of your system. A customizable, generic approach to handling events will be presented that enables you to perform actions based on the events detected. Events don’t just provide an insight into what’s happening. We can use them to trigger system actions for us — a self-healing system anyone 

The key take aways from this session will be: 

• The PowerShell event engine enables you to interact at a closer level with your system 

• The consumption and processing of events can be as simple or complicated as you require 

• You can use events to teach your system to react a fix things on its own 

This is a live recording from European TEC 2011 PowerShell Deep Dive conference. See more PowerShell Deep Dive recordings here.
By the way, TEC US is just around the corner – April 29 – May 2, 2012 in San DiegoThe agenda has already been published and is absolutely fantastic. :)
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